300px-Captain America 231

Captain America (1968) 231

Writer: Roger McKenzie
Pencilers: Sal Buscema
Publishing date: Mar, 1979

  • Captain America (Steven Rogers)
  • Falcon (Samuel Thomas Wilson)
  • Peggy Carter (Margaret Carter)
  • Jim Wilson
    • Lieutenant Stanford (SHIELD)
  • Vamp (Denise Baranger)
  • National Force

Reading Order Info:Edit

  • This issue looks like it starts straight after the issue before
  • Falcon wants to stand alone and leaves Cap and takes Jim Wilson with him.
  • Cap takes Vamp with him to SHIELD's HQ in New York.
  • In NY Cap has some worths with Lt Stanford.
  • Cap's apartment is still a mess after the Corporation's visit (in Cap #222)
  • Cap meets Peggy Carter at Falcon's office.
  • Peggy tells Cap of the threat of the Grand Director and his National Force.
  • This issue ends with an attack from Mational Force on Peggy Carter.
  • References in this issue: Hulk (1968) 232, Captain America (1968) 222,Captain America (1968) 229.
  • Major appearances in this issue: Hulk, Moonstone, Constrictor, Blue Streak, Texas Twister, Marvel Man (Vaughn), Grand Director
  • This issue has to list after Captain America (1968) 229 and Hulk (1968) 232.